Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas isn't an excuse for a free for all!

Ok--I've been called a scrooge in the past, because I don't enjoy the commercialization of Christmas. Here are my thoughts on the whole Christmas thing...Heber and I haven't bought gifts for each other for years--In the early years of our marriage we just did stalkings for each other, now we forego all gifts and go on a couples trip every January together instead. I'd rather put $ into making memories than filling up our house with more stuff.


Christmas isn't an excuse for a free for all! Just because it's Christmas, doesn't mean you should spend $ you DON'T have on gifts. If you don't have much $ and are feeling pressure to put gifts on credit cards, because you feel obligated. This is WRONG! It is not a NEED to give gifts! No one wants you to go into debt to give them a gift they didn't know they needed or even wanted.

To be honest in years past, we have bought the kids random trinkets and gifts and they always end up lost/broken by the end of January--we should've saved our $!

 Just because it's Christmas, doesn't mean we are entitled to buying more stuff! Somehow the following answer is always accepted, "Oh, we are getting that for Christmas"--like that makes the $ magically appear that you didn't have. We need to change this upcoming generation to be more grateful than entitled. Ask them, "What are you giving for Christmas?" instead of "What do you want for Christmas?"

 How many times have people asked you what you want for Christmas or a birthday? And you answer "nothing" because you really don't NEED anything. Why are we all scurrying around buying stuff that isn't needed or wanted?

 I am not saying to cancel Christmas, just be more creative/frugal in the gift giving. Our kids don't need $500 worth of stuff each to feel the Christmas spirit. "If you can't find the Christmas spirit in your heart, you aren't going to find it under the tree" said one of my son's friends.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for Christmas.

Free Christmas-Name of the game for the whole family, $0 gifts. It's a fun game. Find stuff you have and "gift" it. Maybe it's a jewelry box you've had kicking around that you don't super love, but you know your niece would LOVE it. Maybe it's an old soccer jersey that you wore a ton and have outgrown, but know it would be your younger brothers new prized possession if you gave it to him. -

Homemade Christmas--I love making/receiving homemade gifts, I always feel like they mean more. Baked goods, sew a purse, make a knife (my sons latest obsession), tie a quilt, repurpose stuff you have around the house, etc. There are always tons of ideas online.IMG_5385 wallet made out of grandpa's old shirtsIMG_7656 apron made out of grandma's old table cloth

Sentimental gifts--I love these the most! I've cut up my grandma and grandpas old clothes and have made the grandkids aprons, wallets, teddy bears, etc. I've put old letters in a photo box for my mom. I've made stuff out of Heber's Grandma's old linens (turned a table cloth into an apron for his sister). Memory jars were a HUGE hit with my parents--all the kids wrote down funny memories or stories from when we were growing up and put them in a jar. My parents relished these for the whole afternoon, reading them and laughing and crying, and learning about all the naughty things us kids did. Much more heart warming than a new set of knives!

Needs--stuff you'd buy anyways! Socks, underwear, a new coat, etc.

Thrift Store christmas-- My kids and I love shopping thrift stores. Look for the good, quality brands. I can always find something anytime I stop in. Eddie Bauer Sorel boots $6. REI outdoor shirt $5. Rubbish brand jacket $6. Spider brand ski pants $20. You'd be surprised with what you find and how little you spend!  

1144_4695760864514_670091111_n Christmas at a beach house in California

Trip--One of my favorite Christmas's was when we decided to make memories instead of give gifts. It was MAGIC, we rented a beach house in California for the week with my sister's family. We did stockings for the kids and that was it. We went for walks every morning and collected shells, watched the dolphins, went to the tide pools, made cinnamon rolls, hot tubbed 3 times/day, and had campfires. Yes, I understand this isn't cheap--but I'd rather spend $ on a trip than buy extra clutter and stuff for the kids that they don't need.  

IMG_7714 Sledding the driveway at the cabin

-Gift of time together--with extended family, plan a day to be together and eliminate the unnecessary gift giving. Sledding, movies, stories, dance party, crafts, card games, etc.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

drop cloth slipcover

My client wanted something washable for her couch, she decided to do a drop cloth slipcover. She needed something washable because her cat loves the back cushions! I cut off the attached back cushions, so I could cover them separately. Much better fit that way.


She chose to use a drop cloth for her fabric. Forgive the basement lighting, it's hard to photograph in.
IMG_4803AFTER--We kept it simple with no skirt.

IMG_4806She had some AMAZING family heirloom linens (runners, table cloths, napkins, etc.), Her designer talked her into taking them out of the trunk and letting me cut them up and make pillows. Better to get some use out of them and enjoy them, then keep them boxed up.

IMG_4808She was absolutely thrilled with the outcome and the option to take it off and wash it.

SIDE NOTES--I am booked until Decemeber. Get on my list if you want something slipcovered before Christmas! I have a few spots left.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Slipcover Workshop Nov 6-7, 2015


I'm excited to offer another slipcover workshop Nov 6-7, 2015 ! I have 15 years of slipcovering experience and would love to show you some tricks of the trade, whether you are interested in making your own slipcovers or aspire to start your own business at some point.

Workshop Testimonial
I did my first paid job for 2 chairs and ottoman for a neighbor, she loved them.  Bought a couch made for a slipcover at an outlet yesterday for our new house.  Busy sewing all weekend. Guess I'm hooked!

Thanks again for everything, it was a lot of fun!


*Nov 6 and 7th, 2015 (2 day workshop--to ensure everyone isn't rushed and has time to finish their project)

*9am-4pm both days

*Bring a chair, pre washed fabric, thread, tape measure, scissors, quilting pins, and sewing machine with zipper foot (If you are flying in from out of state, I will provide chair and fabric for you)

*Choose a simple lined chair. I wouldn't recommend a wingback for your first project. Wingbacks have a lot more seams and curves and are more time consuming.

*I"ll supply piping, zippers, and serger

*1st day--sew piping, pin fit, and sew main body

*2nd day--add skirt detail and sew box cushion.

*Class sized capped at 4 spots


$250 (Includes lunch both days)


On site at my work studio in Eagle Mountain, UT

What you will gain from this experience

-Basic slipcovering skills

-Learn how to make piping, install zipper with ease, and complete your 1st slipcover

-Skills to recover your own stuff over and over to your hearts desire

*Workshop is for beginner to intermediate sewers--you need to be familiar and comfortable with your machine and have basic sewing skills.

*Please email me to secure your spot. $250 will be due via paypal ( to confirm your reservation. Non-refundable.

*Currently 3 spots left!

*Click here to read about a past workshop! Search #slipcoverworkshop on instagram to see photos from past workshops
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cream wingbacks

My client wanted to update her 90's plaid chairs to cream wingbacks. I had some cream twill on hand that worked for what she needed!IMG_4315 BEFORE---Plaid wingbacks

IMG_4325AFTER---Cream wingbacks, we kept the legs showing.

IMG_4330These finished off her room beautifully!

Side Notes-- Well it's hunting season here in Utah and my two oldest got to go this year! Love this pic Heber took of them! They are heading out again this weekend for anterless elk tags...hopefully they get something! They've been watching hunting shows since April!


My youngest is super crafty and is always trying to make something out of anything else we own. He was set on making a knife blade and needed some steel--he asked if he could have the table saw blade! That was a definite NO! He settled on an old piece of skateboard rail that was kicking around. He's been filing this thing for days!12043111_10207822759867395_478087060166646722_n
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

White linen chaise lounge

My client wanted a white linen chaise lounge, so she picked up this dated worn contemporary piece and about 14 yds white linen. IMG_4812Chaise--BEFORE- pilled fabric IMG_4816 Chaise--AFTER! Tall skirt and ties on the arms. She wanted a "rustic farmhouse" look. I also made her some tie closure pillows to go along with it. IMG_4818 Arm detail IMG_4820

I loved her style and all her pretty stuff! IMG_4814Finishes off the room for sure and will most likely be the new favorite seat in the house!

SIDE NOTES--HOLY smokes! Summer is over and I can refocus on work and making dinner! To see my summer adventures---check out my instagram account! @slipcovershelley

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Navy/Oatmeal chair

My client decided she wanted to switch it up and have a navy/oatmeal chair. She found this great fabric from It washed beautifully! click  HERE to see BEFORE pic.

IMG_4371After! Lots of matching! She had some extra fabric, so instead of making pillows she thought arm pads would be best to keep the chair looking good. I provide some great, painless MATCHING TIPs in my Advanced Slipcover Guide. It's an instant download! Use Promo code FALL to receive 20% off!

IMG_4372I really wanted the arm pads to match up as well!


SIDE NOTES! My summer in a nutshell!11036298_10207164853740153_7497275904053024283_n

My boys are always creating something! I LOVE IT! To see more of their projects search instagram #hebersboys or click here
11866402_10207442727646827_3662972263624699715_nHeber and I celebrated our 18yr anniversary!

11895981_10207517452314897_4529477657488302957_n We took our first family backpacking trip! One mile, one night in the Unitas (Lake Ruth).

IMG_4880My oldest son is running cross country and had practices EVERY day of the summer---which meant lots of carpooling! At last weeks meet, he took 31st place out of 256 varsity boys! So worth all the carpooling to see him push himself and run hard. He average 5:30/mile for 2.9miles! So proud of him!

10999443_10207299992358534_2729427318141832675_nI helped plan our family reunion! We had it on the Oregon Coast this year, which was AMAZING! These are all my siblings! 6 kids and 21 grandkids, it was quite the party! Talent shows, dance parties, fishing, hot tubbing, hiking, paddle boarding, etc! My sister surprised us at the talent show with these bobble heads from an old family picture--her whole family had them on and danced to YMCA--It was the funniest thing I've ever seen!Photobucket Photobucket get it covered photo coveredbutton.jpg the whole 9 yards photo whole9yards.jpg